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  • "An Interview with Caryl Phillips"
  • The Bronte Society Gazette
  • Issue 74, January 2018.
  • Glynis Charlton interviews Caryl Phillips about his fascination with Emily Bronte and his contribution to the special exhibition, "Bronte 200: Making Thunder Roar."


  • "The nature of empathy: An interview with Caryl Phillips"
  • Journal of Postcolonial Writing
  • Volume 52, Issue 6, 2016.
  • Stephen Clingman interviews Caryl Phillips about his latest novel,The Lost Child.
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  • "An Interview with Caryl Phillips"
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Volume 53, Number 4, Winter 2012, pp. 628-645.
  • Abigail Ward interviews Caryl Phillips.
  • "Caryl Phillips: Interview"
  • Mosaic: Literary Arts of the Diaspora
  • March 19, 2012
  • Caryl Phillips discusses his writing and his thoughts about literature with Clarence Reynolds.
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  • "The Narrative Is Not Written in Stone"
  • SX Salon: A Small Axe Literary Platform
  • February 25, 2012
  • Bastian Balthazar Becker interviews Caryl Phillips about his latest book, Color Me English.
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  • "Discomfort zone: Author Caryl Phillips explores issues of multiculturalism"
  • The Times Union
  • July 11, 2011
  • Elizabeth Floyd Mair interviews Caryl Phillips about his new book, Color Me English.
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  • Interview with Caryl Phillips at FLIP: Paraty International Literary Festival
  • Paraty, Brazil
  • July 2011
  • Interview with Caryl Phillips at the Paraty International Literary Festival.
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  • "Caryl Phillips: The arts are the window through which we see ourselves"
  • Caribbean Beat
  • Issue 109 May/June 2011
  • The reflections of British-Caribbean writer Caryl Phillips, as told to Lisa Allen-Agostini.
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  • "Author Caryl Phillips in Residence at UMass-Amherst"
  • Amherst, MA (wfcr)
  • April 10, 2010
  • Author, playwright, screenwriter and teacher Caryl Phillips is in residence at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst this week. Details of his visit are at Phillips spoke with WFCR's Bob Paquette. © Copyright 2011, wfcr
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  • "Migrant Journeys: A Conversation with Caryl Phillips"
  • Atlantic Studies
  • December 2009
  • With Elvira Pulitano. This is a preprint of an article whose final and definitive form has been published in Atlantic Studies © 2009 Copyright Taylor & Francis; Atlantic Studies is available online.
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  • Conversations with Caryl Phillips
  • University Press of Mississippi
  • April 27, 2009
  • A collection of nineteen interviews conducted over more than two decades on both sides of the Atlantic and in the Caribbean, edited by Renee T. Schatteman. Available for purchase at


  • "Afroeuropa in Conversation with Caryl Phillips"
  • Afroeuropa: Journal of Afroeuropean Studies
  • October 23, 2007
  • With Maya G. Vinuesa. In this interview, Caryl Phillips speaks about his narrative, his characters, his life, his vision of Afroeurope and much more....
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  • "Not Afraid of Ambiguity: Caryl Phillips in Interview with Axel Stahler, Bonn/Munster"
  • Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies
  • September 2007
  • The interview was conducted at the fringe of an international conference on "Fundamentalism and Literature" at the University of Munster in November 2006, (organizer: Klaus Stierstorfer, co-convener: Axel Stahler) to which Caryl Phillips had been invited as keynote speaker.
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  • "An Interview with Caryl Phillips: I am What I am Because I was Born There"
  • The Caribbean Writer
  • 1995
  • The following interview was conducted by telephone on Dec. 15, 1994. Caryl Phillips was in Amherst, Massachusetts and Erika Waters was in St. Croix.
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  • "Crisscrossing the River: An Interview with Caryl Phillips"
  • ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature
  • October 1994
  • Caryl Phillips discusses his novel, Crossing the River, with Carol Margaret Davison.
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